Fish Fry Update

This was a scheduled post that was to coincide along with the Village of Lithopolis that appears to have only reached a very limited number of people. We are reposting this again in hopes it reaches more people. Please pass on this on. We are genuinely disappointed to have this happen a second year. The Firefighters Association begins planning, purchasing and securing all the needed supplies, especially the large quantities of fish, usually starting in November. The fish fry takes tens of thousands of dollars to pull off and the Fire Association could not financially afford to take a chance with the unknown of what COVID restrictions would look like Memorial Day. We are truly sorry.


April 9th, 2021.

The Bloom Township Fire Department has proudly held the Memorial Day Fish Fry in Lithopolis for over 75 years. In fact, 2020 had been the first year the fish fry had been cancelled in decades.

The fire department was genuinely hoping for a return in 2021. However, disappointedly; once again the current circumstances and environment will prevent them from hosting the fish fry in 2021.

It takes countless hours of planning, which begins early in the year to prepare for the event. With the uncertainty of guidelines and the potential for changes in mandates, it was impossible for the Firefighter’s Association to appropriately plan for the event.

“Like all of you, 2020 was challenging and disruptive for your fire department. As Fire Chief, I am very proud in the way that our firefighters have served our township and greater community”, said Fire Chief Thomas Williams

Williams continued, “We stand with you in hoping that our state will open fully with very little negative effect on the population. With this hope, we are optimistic to return to some form of event for our community in 2022”.




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