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Refurbished 2014 Pierce Arrow CAFS Engine 551

Engine 551 responds on fire calls out of Station 551. It was orginally purchased by the Township in 1985. In 2000 it was refurbished; major improvements consisting of enclosing the cab, converting it to CAFS, adding a built in generator, a light tower capable of putting out 9000 watts of light and other minor improvements. The Township decided to refurbish the Engine again in 2014, major improvements consisting of fully re-wiring and coverting to all LED emerency lighting, adding additional secene lighting, replace the water tank with a poly tank, complete strip down and repainting of the chassis, cab and box, reconfiguring the compartments and several other improvements. 


Engine 551 has a 1500gpm pump, 1000 gallon water tank and a 25 gallon class a foam tank. Engine 553 has 4 CAFS crosslays; (2) 200ft 13/4" crosslays, (1) 200ft 2" crosslay and (1) 200ft 21/2" crosslay. Engine 551 has a Will-Burt NightScan light tower, LED brow light and several portable gas and electric lights. It carries (1) 35ft extension ladder, (1) 14ft roof ladder, (1) 10ft attic ladder. It has a full compliment of hand and forcible entry tools, RIT equipment, animal resusitation equipment, gas and electric PPV fans, electric cord reels, gas monitoring and metering equipment and many other tools necessary for complete firefighting activities. 

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