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Fire Prevention

Green 911 Address Signs


In an emergency, every second counts! Help us easily find you with a high visibility green 911 address sign. These are available for purchase at the either Fire Station for $12.00. Your purchase comes with the green sign and reflective numbers for both sides of the sign. 


Please assure when mounting your sign that it can be easily seen from both sides of the roadway. If we are out on another emergency help might be coming from the other way.

Kids Corner


Here you will find all kinds of Fun Games, Videos, Links and Activities to help teach your children about fire saftey and fire prevention!

Proper Driveway Clearance for Fire Trucks


Fire, Rescue and EMS vehicles are very large and very heavy. We need alot of clearance for our trucks to be able to access and utilize your driveway in an emergency. Please click the button below for more information on assuring that when you call 911 we are able to get to you!

File of Life


This invaluable resource is provided by Bloom Township Fire Department FREE OF CHARGE. This small booklet enclosed in plastic contains all your crucial medical information and hangs on your fridge via a magnetic backing. Please click the button below for more information.

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