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2009 Pierce PUK CAFS Engine/Rescue 552

Engine/Rescue 552 is a custom made 2009 Pierce PUK and responds on fire calls and all MVA/Rescue incidents in the Township out of Station 552. It is CAFS engine and is equipped with 1500gpm pump, 1000 gallons of water and 35 gallons of Class A Foam. This engine has 5 CAFS discharges consisting of (2) 13/4" 200ft crosslays, (1) 2" 200ft crosslay, (1) 200ft 13/4" front bumper "trash" line and a CAFS capable master stream. Off of the rear of the engine it has (1) preconnect 200ft 21/2" hose. It also carries a complement of 3" and 5" supply line and hard suction hose for drafting along with Indian Packs for wildland firefighting. It also carries (1) 24ft extension ladder, (1) 14ft roof ladder with vent step, (1) 10ft attic ladder and (1) 20ft "A" Frame Little Giant. Our engine also carries a full compliment of various hand tools and forcible entry tools.


Engine/Rescue 552 carries a full compliment of Genesis hydraulic rescue tools, rope and water rescue equipment, RDC inflatable boat, various stabilization jacks, wood cribbing, high pressure air bags, 9,500lb electric winch, gas monitoring and metering equipment, RIT equipment, electric and gas PPV fans and various other rescue equipment. It carries a Will-Burt NightScan light tower capable of putting out 9000 watts of light, along with various other gas and electric lighting equipment. 


Engine/Rescue 552 also carries a pet resuscitation equipment and various other tools to handle all medical emergencies. This truck has seating for 6 firefighters and is staffed with a minimum of 3 firefighters, 2 of which a paramedics at all times. For Township structure fires the entire station, consisting of 3 to 4 firefighters, will respond in this truck. 

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