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Useful Information


Please see below for information, answers and links to common questions. If you have or need further information, don't hesitate to contact us!

ISO Class 3 (You may save money on your homeowners Insurance)


Our ISO rating has significantly improved and may save you money on your homeowners insurance policy! Click the button below to find out more information

What to Know When Calling 911 From a Cell Phone



Calling 911 in Bloom Township can present a unique situation. While cell phones can be an important public safety tool, they also create unique challenges for emergency response personnel and wireless service providers. Since wireless phones are mobile, they are not associated with one fixed location or address. Click the button below to learn more about how this technology works and what to do when calling 911 from your cell phone.

Open Burning in Bloom Township



Your Bloom Township fire department follows guidelines set forth by the EPA for open burning. If you would like to burn in Bloom Township, the fire department will not issue you a permit. We will, however, advise you of the EPA guidelines and acknowledge your call with our dispatch center. Regardless of whether you call the fire department or not, if we receive a complaint by a passer-by or neighbor, we may act and extinguish your open burn. If you burn illegally in Bloom Township or any other area in Ohio, you may be cited and/or fined by the EPA.

Please call the firehouse at 614-837-5530 to notify the crew of the size, type and location of your open burn. You may also stop by the firehouse in Lithopolis to acquire a copy of the Ohio EPA’s Open Burning Regulations. For more information please click a button below:


Emergency Sirens



Emergency warning sirens are operational thru out Bloom Township. There are a total of 5 sirens located within the township. The warning sirens are desgined to alert people who are outside of their homes and businesses of approaching severe weather. The Bloom Township Trustees, Fairfield County Commissioners, Fairfield County Emergency Management, South Central Power and the Bloom Township Fire Department have be working together to purchase and install these units.  These units are tested weekly on Wednesdays at noon. If you fail to hear the weekly test, please notify us at 614-837-5530. For more information click a button below.


CPR Training



CPR training is offered at the fire station. You too can learn how to save a life! Simply put, immediate effective CPR can double a victims chances of survival. 


Call the fire station at (614)837-5530 for more information or to set up a time to get certified.

Dry Hydrant Information



In any area without water mains and domestic fire hydrants, the dry hydrant concept can provide a simple, cost-effective solution to the need for rapid access to water sources. A dry hydrant consists of an arrangement of piping with one end into a water source and the other end extending to dry land and available for connection to an Engine. The success of a fire departments operation hinges on the distance a truck must travel to fill-up and return to the fire. In many cases these fill-up points are often long distances from the fire and the firefighters are unable to maintain an uninterrupted water source at the scene. Please click below for more information.


Alert Fairfield County



Alert-Fairfield County is an emergency notification system used by city and county public safety organizations throughout the United States to issue government related messages to residents and businesses. The system has the capacity to send thousands of messages via landline, cell phone, TTY, e‐mail, text and fax, all within minutes. Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system. Activiation of the Alert Fairfield Emergency Notification System will be dependent upon the emergency situation and the allowable warning time. Tornado Warnings will be sent automatically when the NWS creates a tornado warning - these notifications will be sent to addresses only in the tornado warning area and that have opt-in to this service. For more information or to SIGN UP, click below!

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