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In loving memory of Lieutenant Andy Nunley


Today with both great sadness and profound love, we fondly remember our brother Lt Ralph Andrew Nunley. On this day last year, Andy paid the ultimate sacrifice to our department and community, when he lost his life in an LODD from colorectal cancer. Our hearts still break, our department still feels an insurmountable Andy-sized hole, but we move forward keeping his memory alive through countless stories of the way he made us laugh, pushed us to be better men, and taught us so many things about the job, about life, and about character.

As firefighters, we all want our careers to have an impact and leave an imprint on our departments, yet we know that after our final day at work, the doors will still go up, the trucks will still go out, and someone else will sit in our seat. However, in Andy’s case, that impact is very real, the sting of his absence is powerfully felt, and his legacy is palpable through all of the lives he touched and people he taught.

We keep the Nunley family, his wife Gretchen, daughters Hannah and Hayley, son Hank, and all that loved Andy in our thoughts and prayers today, and ask that you do the same.

The Bloom Township Fire Department, Local 3465, and the Nunley family would also like to take this opportunity to highlight a very impactful organization, the Tunnels 2 Towers Foundation, for their amazing support of the Nunley family after Andy’s passing. To find out how you can support this organization go to

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